Learn more about vehicle emissions and efficiency or discover how the way you drive and maintain your vehicle has an impact.

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Drone shot of a cul de sac hosues and cars

Greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle exhausts, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), trap heat from the sun, causing the ‘greenhouse effect’ and climate change.

Person with a dog in their car

Offsetting emissions is one tool we can use to limit the impacts of climate change.

Cars on a 3 laned road.

Learn about how emissions in vehicles impact our environment.

Aerial view of the Sea Cliff Bridge between Coalcliff and Clifton

The environmental impact of vehicles cover their entire lifecycle, from manufacture to disposal. 

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Find out how you can reduce the environmental impact of the way you travel.

Man charging electric car

Find out more about the batteries used in electric vehicles and how they can be re-used for other purposes.

Compare vehicle emissions ratings

Explore and compare the emissions ratings for thousands of light vehicles available in the Australian market.

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