About VESR

The Vehicle Emissions Star Rating (VESR) helps you make an informed decision about the environmental impact and running costs for your next car.

Increased emissions of greenhouse gases are warming the earth and contributing to the damaging effects of climate change. Vehicle tailpipe emissions contain various pollutants, including carbon dioxide (CO2) which is a major greenhouse gas.

By reducing our emissions now, we can still limit the intensity of the most extreme impacts of climate change. This includes making informed choices when buying a new or used vehicle.

VESR is a star rating developed by NSW Government that has been applied to all light passenger vehicles sold on the Australian market since 2004. The star rating is a visual way to quickly compare the level of CO2 emissions from each car.

The VESR website allows you to check the star rating of a vehicle, compare the environmental impact of different models and calculate your estimated running costs. Our goal is to help you make sustainable choices when deciding on your next vehicle purchase.

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VESR is an initiative of the NSW Government developed in consultation with the Australian Government and is endorsed by all state and territory governments.

This website is an initiative under the NSW Net Zero Plan Stage 1: 2020 – 2030 to empower consumers and business to make sustainable choices. The Vehicle Emissions Star Rating Scheme (VESR) was presented and endorsed by all national Infrastructure and Transport Senior Officials’ Committee (ITSOC) Members in October 2022.  

VESR data is drawn under license from the Australian Government’s Green Vehicle Guide. This ensures they both have the same catalogue of vehicles and the same emissions data reported by manufacturers. 

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